Little Boat Photography by Safeena Padder Little Boat Photography by Safeena Padder


My name is Safeena.

Safeena translates in Urdu, Hebrew, Arabic, and Swahili to mean a small refuge ship, boat, or specifically Noah’s Ark. It’s a name that’s grown to embody many qualities that I strive to be, as a photographer, business owner, and human. Hence the name, Little Boat Photography!

I am an adventure-driven photojournalistic wedding and portrait photographer serving Malibu, California and beyond. To me, photographs are memories unobstructed by the constant hum of our thoughts. You can look back on photographs and see how your story began writing itself before you even knew it was happening.

Through photography, I hope to inspire positive perspectives, see the world and meet its people, keep seeing beauty, and do good creative work for good.

I think of my creative soul as existing in harmonious dual-parts! As a cross between editorial (the pretty) and documentary (the gritty) I strive to portray what is honest in the loveliest way. My storytelling background is derived from working as a humanitarian photojournalist. Since then, fostering moments of emotion, story, and meaning are my focus. Here's a little glimpse of who I am outside of photography!

 + I rock-climb, camp, take unreasonable daytrips, and get lost a lot. Come with me sometime! I love taking "client meetings" at my local climbing gym.

 + I graduated with a degree in advertising and non-profit management from Pepperdine University.

 + I once had to be rescued from Table Mountain. My sense of direction is poor- but really come with me sometime!

 + In 2015 a mini-doc I co-produced was featured in multiple international festivals. It’s a favorite accomplishment.

 + My National Parks pass is a most prized possession.

 + I prefer lemonade over coffee.

 + Nobody believes I’m from New Jersey.

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